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Clause Pattern: Subject – Verb – Indirect Object – Direct Object (SVOi Od )

Understanding the construction and use of the subject – verb – indirect object - direct object clause pattern

This pattern consists of a subject See the glossary definition , a ditransitive See the glossary definition verb, an indirect object See the glossary definition and a direct object See the glossary definition .

  • Today wesubject callditransitive verb itindirect object a country’s gross domestic product (GDP)direct object. (Messac 2018)

  • But emperor penguins endure it, to giveditransitive verb their chicksindirect object the best start in life direct object. (Younger 2019)

  • Isubject write to someone, or sendditransitive verb themindirect object a program, direct object and they would infallibly receive it when they next logged in. (Zobel 2014)

  • Often, manuscriptssubject can giveditransitive verb modern readers indirect object an idea of what particular people in the past wanted to readdirect object. (Farina 2022)

Examples with nominal direct objects

  • The location of these dotssubject tellsditransitive verb scientists indirect object how the atoms are arranged in the moleculedirect object. (Helms 2022)

  • The mix of colors in beach sandsubject tellsditransitive verb you indirect object what kinds of rocks produced itdirect object. (Montgomery 2019)

  • Some adultssubject may tellditransitive verb kids indirect object that drinking caffeine will stunt their growthdirect object. (Temple 2020)

Test your understanding of this Subject – Verb – Indirect Object – Direct Object (SVOi Od ) pattern Go to the (SVOi Od) exercise page.

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