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Authentic Graphics

Real World Graphics

The data for all the graphics on these pages is authentic. It was taken from the Eurostat site. However, the graphs and descriptions were generated solely for the purpose of demonstrating how read, interpret and describe various types of graphics, not to disseminate information. To see some authentic graphics in real texts, including other types of graphics, follow the links below.

Link Line Bar* Pie Log§ ProjectionEstimated (future) values. OtherOther features such as trend lines.
Questions to ask yourself when you read a graph, chart, or map
Six Favorite Charts
What children can teach government about graphs
Climate change graphs
Graphs which tell a story
Money and religion
The decline of homicide
How your household affects gas emissions
High School and Health
Well-being and the Pandemic
Trust in Leadership and Institutions
Covid and Young Adults
Understanding Coronavirus Graphs
Is Democracy Safe?
Reading Progress
Airline Pilots Shortage
Border Crisis
Opioid Epidemic
Rural and Urban America
Tobacco Endgame
National Health Service
Spending on Science and Research
Older People at University
Complex Covid Data
Logarithmic growth

* Indicates bar or column graphs.
§ Indicates a logarithmic scale.

All of these texts were published in The Conversation.

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